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BD Big air package

I would NOT recommend this product being bought from Backcountry. No disrespect from them, but I had alot of problems with this. I originally ordered one and it came in a timely manner, but with not locking biner. So I talked to there customer service (which were really nice and understanding) and I got another one shipped. So, I'm opening it and I look at it and there is no biner. Now I am a litter mad. One missing is fine, not stressed. But two? Thats aggravating. So they ship a third one, telling me it is on there. They were right, I finally got one with a locking biner. If you really want climbing gear, pay the extra and get it straigh from the company when you know that they have it instead of going through two companies. Other than that mishap, It works great. No problems, performs well.