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Last year going into the season when the Moment crew was coming up with outerwear designs, I said you guys have to step up the waterproofing on the outerwear. Hands down that was my biggest issue the year before. I spend between 12-15 hours a day on my sled, skinning, and skiing in the backcountry. Even resort days usually go pretty long and I need something that will keep me dry the entire time. It's much different when your in the elements for that long... Moment listened and came up with the Team jacket. 3L material and riri zippers keep all the water out while still allowing you to breath. The other nice feature that we have been working on is the Jacket to Pants interface. You still have a jacket and Pant, but it doest give you a bit of the one piece feel by allowing you to keep your jacket around your waist when your raggdolling down the landing of that cliff you just pole whacked on top of for the last 30 seconds. By far the most quality outerwear that Moment has produced in the last few years.

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KC Deane, I can't believe you're a pro. I'm so much better than you.