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Awesomely tiny

Great thin cams, really really lightweight too. For cams of this size I like the metolius trigger mechanism better than the BD. My only issue is with the range finder, which places overcamming in the "green" range.

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Very new to climbing and have only done top roping...I've seen a couple people mention this "overcamming in the green range"...

In English please. ;)

Also without wanting to sound like a complete nube, I'm building up my gear...just got a set of DMM wallnuts(7 thru 11)...looking to get an "entry" set of cams. Advice? Oh yeah...and price is ALWAYS an issue.

Still doing my research...but looking for the difference between TCU and Power...I'm sure it means what it says...but doing the research!

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yo dude, no offense, but if you dont know what overcamming is, you shouldnt be placing cams, you could get really hurt up

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Jas3744122, Admire your ambition. Unless you have experienced Trad friends to teach you, I recommend spending a season or two focusing on sport climbing. You'll learn about setting anchors, being on the rock, its far cheaper and can be safer if done properly.