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Bought this roller bag about a year's awesome! I fly A LOT and this bag gets it done!!! I have it in Vivienne Plaid (I have the matching double ski roller bag too) and its super cute but not too girly! I have not been disappointed in the quality one bit! I love the fact that there are two zippered compartments on either side of the bag. I also love the fact that it completely opens up flat....makes it easy to pack. One issue I have run into is that although it fits the carry-on specifications of most airlines I have had gate agents question me as to whether or not it is too large of a carry-on. It does NOT always fit in the overhead compartments of the planes that I travel on so I usually have to gate check it. All in all....this bag is awesome! Great quality, a TON of space and cute to boot!

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I absolutely love this bag! Yes, in smaller planes, it has to be gate-checked, but that is not a worry as it won't get lost that way, and you don't have to pay to gate-check a bag. Also you don't have to wait to retrieve it - at least not as long a wait as those bags that were checked prior to flight. I love the zippers, the roomy front pockets, and the wheels. It depends on how the bag is packed as to whether it falls over or not. I have learned to pack heavy things in the bottom! It works!