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I find that on most packs I don't use even half of all the little features crafted into them. If you are like me, get this pack and save yourself the time and effort of cutting off all the vestigial straps, pockets, etc. on others. The simplicity of the Khazri is a huge plus to me, and it makes mountaineering more enjoyable.

Also, this pack is super stable and allows a lot of movement when scrambling. This is cool, especially when you are on exposed ridgelines. Personally, I find it sketchy when my backpack flops to one side and almost pulls me off a cliff. That doesn't happen with this pack.

Finally, every size load seems to be just the right sized load for the khazri. It is very versatile. I have yet to overload it because it is a bottomless pit.

Update March 2010: Alright, I still like the stability and everything else I said. The fabric isn't super durable, but it's light so I don't mind that much. Mine is showing some wear, but for what it has gone through it's not bad. The versatility of the framing and whatnot is really nice. One gripe I might fix on my own is the lack of compression straps on the bottom; this makes it hard sometimes to get the stuff inside to sit where you want, but this is really only a problem if you don't fill the bag up all the way.

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The lack of bottom compression strap can be addressed simply by looping a strap from inside lumber pad, then from bottom of the pack to iceaxe loop from front and then snapping it together between the iceaxe loop. Problem solved!!!