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Gear Review

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I already have a Hi-Fi and am thoroughly convinced its the best helmet ever, warm, comfortable, and lots of coverage. I already have the skullcrusher headphones and they are the best headphones ever made my man, big booming bass and clear highs and mids. Why did it take me so long to get this perfect fusion? I have no clue

there are some problems however, this is the redesigned Hi-Fi, it looks but does not feel or fit like previous years!...thats important people, because the fit is significantly smaller, about a half size (so if you are between sizes or plan on wearing a beanie under then order a size up), it also fits a lot narrower than pervious Hi-Fis

another problem that results form this is that the subwoofer earpads are NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE with previous years hi-fis, which sucks because thats what I got it for!!! ahhhhhh!

but now for the good parts; improvements from last years hi fi are that the earpads are much easier to remove, the brow doesnt go as ridiculously far down your forehead so I cant fit more goggles (larger goggles), and I feel it fits for the subwoofer, is amazing, sound is so great and theres a 2 stage mute button!...put a little pressure on it to mute the sound till you release it, or press it down all the way to mute the music completely and then press it again to get your tunes back. that will be so nice for the lift rides volume control does not work and both cannot be operated effectively with gloves on. the earpads are also surprisingly comfortable.

the original Hi-Fi was perfect, now with a few tweaks its even more perfect, grab one to rattle your ears and protect your dome and you wont be sorry

(p.s. black color is matte black not polished as the picture shows)