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Awesome watch...when it works.

Look...I want to love this thing.
And I guess I do, since I'm on my THIRD one.
The first two were T6c models.
Both failed in various stopped working entirely. It would just sit there with a blank face no matter how new the batteries were.
The other completely stopped communicating with my computer.
Both had odd button behavior. Sometimes the buttons would change modes, sometimes they wouldn't. It would beep sometimes...not others.
Seemed completely random.
Both had display issues. Various horizontal lines would disappear from the readout (like a complete row of pixels winking out of existence), or it would dim down to near-invisibility, making it very hard to read, then would re-appear as if by magic....also seemed totally random and had nothing to do with the temperature or how sweaty it was.
I was putting up with these foibles in both watches until they became unusable. Now I'm on my third one, and it's a T6d.
So far, I've had the aforementioned display issues a few times, but nothing else has failed on it...yet.
It stopped communicating with my FootPod once, (which had a brand new battery in it) and I was fretting over it and trying everything I knew to fix it (removing batteries from both devices and replacing the batteries...effectively "rebooting" them...attempting to resynchronize them via the menu on the watch...etc) All to no avail. So I got pissed and threw it against the wall hard enough to chip some drywall off and scare both the dogs.
Ironically, that fixed it. Seriously. Very weird.
Anyway, that was apparently an issue with the FootPod, not the watch.
I digress.

Like I said in the title...when the watch works, which in all fairness is 90% of the time or so, it's great. The amount of data this thing pulls out of your workouts is more than sufficient for you to fine-tune your routine and actually see improvements in your fitness level. The piles of data become a motivational tool. For me anyway.
The new website Suunto launched ( is far better than the previous software that came with the T6c (Training Manager). With Movescount, you just connect the watch and it uploads the data to your account and makes it very easy to track over time.

I've been using the T6d for about a month now. My two previous T6c's lasted about 6-9 months before they retired themselves.
If I don't forget, I'll update this review in a few months and let you know if this one dies too.

All in all...I love this watch, the software (website), and the level of meticulous, nerdy data it collects that I can geek on and obsess over.
I've been using these watches for about 2 years now and the numerical proof that my fitness is improving in various ways makes the various issues I've had with these things well worth it to me.
Of course, that's something you'll have to decide for yourself.
And it IS possible that I got two lemons in a row.
Mine have been...quirky.

Responded on

Me again...just wanted to update my review.
The watch is still working like a charm.
Also, I just got a V02max assessment done and the results were almost exactly what my Suunto watches have been reporting for the last 2 years.
These things work...