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Gear Review

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Awesome, but some drawbacks

I have this jacket in the teal blue from last year. I love the look. The fit is flattering. It keeps you warm and dry on anything above 25F with moderate wind and rain. I did about 8 hours outside in NYC recently in those conditions and I was comfy. I like the front being slightly shorter than the back - I can get into the front pockets of my pants.Keep in mind the fit is slim around the waistband/lower hem although my size D's fit comfortably up top. The wrists feel the warmest with a fleecy feel of the black fabric, but it fits very tightly around the wrist [ I have slim wrists and small hands, I swear]. I suppose that is to keep the cold out, but it is difficult to tuck even my thin Under Armour liner gloves underneath the cuffs. Of course, once my gloves are on, they are in no danger of falling off.My biggest gripe with this jacket is the zippers. They have miniscule pulls on them (although from the pic for this year i can see a bigger pull on the front zip.) I think this is about the fashion statement of the jacket because it sure isn't about the functionality. I cannot grip them with my gloves on and on the side pockets, I have to hold the lower hem of the jacket with one hand and pull up with the other with bare hands [ so taking the gloves off is necessary and a pain to get back on] in an awkward position. The zippers are meant to virtually disappear so as not to break up the 'look', but I question the durability of them as well. I would just love the zippers to be easier to grip and slide more easily as well.The zipper thing would not prevent me from buying this jacket again, but it is annoying enough for me to consider replacing them. I expected more from North Face at this price point.