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Gear Review

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Awesome alternative to water bottles

I bought the 4L to increase the amount to water I could carry on long day hikes in the middle of nowhere. Previously I used Nalgenes and whatever else I had around. The advantage to the dromedary was that it makes it a lot easier to keep the weight of my pack equally distributed when I need to climb or scramble. I am a clean freak and camelbacks just seems like a mold endospore and bacteria paradise. My pack is way more comfortable with the MSR. It also makes it easier to carry extra water when I am backpacking and the straps make it possible to easily attach it to any pack and transport. My First Need water filter also attaches perfectly(the mouth is the same size). Actually, I use an old Nalgene lid with the MSR because I didn't like the sport cap it came with. Plus without all those bulging bottles shifting around on my back I don't fell like I have something alive and about to burst out my pack back there. Well made in the USA.