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Awesome Shoe

  • Gender: Male

I got these and have been climbing in them for about two weeks. they heel hook great and edge VERY well. they feel really powerful and stiff even compared to my solutions.
They stick to everything.
Edges/micros are awesome
Heel hook very well.
They are really comfy when broken in.
they arent very sensitive
breaking them is kinda seriously painful
the velcro doesnt give an amazing fit but they are still very good
Unfortunately this is only inside but im excited to get them outside. hopefully they become more sensative the more i wear in the rubber. They shineeee on slightly overhanging to vertical stuff but sill climb really well the steeper it gets.
(Im onsighting 12b and working 13a for comparison)

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How tight is the heel? Have you tried the instinct S? Do you generally have a smaller heel or bigger? Thanks.

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I have not tried the instinct but fits very well for scarpas. they are really stiff and definitely not as sensitive as the solution. my solutions are about 2 years old and need a third resoling and i actually prefer climbing in those....

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i've been using the scarpa feroce for a while now and they are pretty much busted out. any idea if this fit is comparable? thinking about getting a pair and curious if should go with the same size.