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Gear Review

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Awesome Shoe and Awesome Price

I fell in love with the LS Pythons right away and pre ordered them as soon as I could. In some ways, I prefer these over the Solutions. While they aren't as aggressive as the Solution, they're still very downturned and offer a lot considering they're pretty much a slipper with a velcro strap. The Pythons make up for where I think the Solutions lack.

- They're agressive, but much more comfortable than the Solutions
- Sensitive toe and heel

- Sizing is different. They tend to stretch more than my other pairs, so I'd recommend going a 1/2 size smaller than what you're planning on.
- Due to the nature of the shoe, there tends to be air in the shoe; they don't hold on tight to my feet as much as I'd like them to.

Overall, for the price and quality, the shoe is definitely a good buy. I can't say it is any better or worse than the Solution... but it's better in different ways, and worse in other ways!