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Gear Review

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Awesome Product!

I normally do not write reviews on products, but i felt compelled to write one about the Thule sidearm. I spent a lot of time researching and reading reviews on a number of roof mount bike racks. At first I was against looking at a rack that did not mount directly to the fork because I wanted a rack to be stable and not wobble on my roof. Because my bike has a 15mm through Axle I would have had to purchase an additional bracket and then there was the time spent popping the wheel on and off. I own an Audi A4 and have limited space for the tire as well. So after reading some positive reviews on the sidearm i decided to pony up and purchase it. I mounted it to my Thule aero bars with no problem and It only takes 10 -15 minutes to set up. Once on the roof you're all set to go!! Literally 15 seconds to take the bike off or put it on securely. The bike does not wobble at all. It is truelly awesome being able to get to the trails and pull the bike off in 15 seconds. When you are done toss it on the roof, pull the sidearm tight over the front tire, put the strap on the rear tire and you are done! The only thing i can think of to complain about is the additional wind noise from the rack. It is not terrible but it is noticable. Other than that the rack is awesome, so good in fact that I ended up ordering a second one.