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Awesome Crampon

These crampons are awesome for sketchy terrain or beginner splitboarders. They will fit all but the widest boards (13.7cm(ID)=27.4cm waist width board). Voile now has a wider version (14.5cm(ID)=29cm waist width board). Actually defining the above "waist width" of the board is incorrect because when you make your own homemade board, the toe clip is mounted just ahead of the balance point of the board half which is almost always not the center/waist width of the board.

They can be fixed to the slider plate when touring so they rise with your heel, or fixed to the ski so when you tour they are always in contact with the snow surface. As in my answer below, when touring and using the heel riser, only the first 1 or 2 sets of teeth are in contact with the snow. When you tour the first set of teeth do help you "dig in" and allow for more sliding then in fixed mode. When they are in a fixed setup, you have all the teeth in contact with the snow and the ultimate in stability (depending on how good you are at skinning of course). They have tapered teeth; shorter teeth in the front and longer in the back which help with the skinning process. They are burly, and take a beating season in and out. A great design and highly recommended. But in the end, if it’s really sketchy, you will want to boot pack or use crampons for your boots.

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