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Awesome Boot

This boot is the most comfortable high-top boot I have ever owned and will ever own. It is very lightweight, but still has the support needed when carrying a heavy backpack over variable terrain. I wore these boots all summer long hiking through lots of muck, mud and water and they never soaked through- good waterproofness. The best part about this boot is that it does not have a super stiff sole like most high-top boots I have worn in the past, so the flexibility allows for better gripping over rocks and I don't feel like I have Frankenstein feet when I hike. I always got foot pain in boots that were too stiff and felt like my foot was in a steel box of a shoe, but with the light-weight and flexibility of this shoe, my feet can flex and respond more naturally to the terrain underfoot.

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+1 on sho's review. I have owned quite a few high top backpacking boots and these are the ONLY ones I've ever purchased that felt good right out of the box and had great stability with no break-in time. If you need crampon compatible boots, Salomon makes them of course, and they will still fit just as well as these. Every time I try to go with another brand for serious backpacking (distance more of an issue than weight) I am sorry. Pinched toes, toe ramming on downhills and heel slip are usually the issues. These boots will hug a woman's narrow heel and give plenty of wiggle room in the toe box. I've had this model for the entire spring/summer of 2013 and you could not buy them back from me.
Only thing is maybe a little more PU protection under the forefoot would be helpful but I don't carry heavy loads on extended trips in the backcountry. Maybe 35 lbs max.