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Gear Review

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Awesome All Day Trail Runner

Full Disclosure First: I am a Dynafit sponsored athlete. So I will only describe objective observations - both positive and negative - and will resist using judgmental words like, "better" or "best." But not many people have been in this stuff, so I will share my experiences.

Fit: It seems to run "on size" in American sizing. I wore a 7.5 in Salomon and Patagonia running shoes, and I wear a 7.5 in the Feline. I wear a 41 (euro size) casual shoe and in this I wear a 41 2/3, which seems about right. The forefoot is narrowish, but not too narrow - I haven't had any issues with circulation yet. The tow box seems to be roomy, as when I run down hill my toes do not slide to the front of the shoe. The heal pocket holds me in nicely. It feels like a performance shoe, but not a race shoe.

Waterproof: I haven't done much more than tromp through a few puddles, so I can't say much yet. But I can say that even after running in warm to hot temperatures, I am amazed at how well it breathes. So far this is one of my favorite characteristics.

Grip: Excellent. I haven't had any issues with slipping, etc. The lugs are deep and pretty soft. I don't think it would be fun to run on the pavement with these shoes. I can't say how long the treads will last, but there is nothing jumping out that would cause me to be nervous yet. I'll add a comment in another couple weeks.

Lacing: The lacing is very traditional. There is no Boa system or kevlar laces. Pro or con? That's for you to decide.

Stuff I've noticed: I'm not the greatest runner in the world. I do it to train for skiing. So I know my technique is not incredible. That said, I do honestly feel that my stride is improved while wearing this shoe. I do not understand all the technology that goes into the chassis of the shoe, but it seems to promote a stride with less heal strike. It feels very stable and I have yet to turn my ankle, which is unusual for me. Lastly, I have noticed that they do not fill with rocks and debris like many of my other shoes do.

I gave it 5 Stars because 4.5 wasn't an option. I personally really like everything about the shoe, and am impressed, but wish the lacing system was a little better. I can honestly say that I am running better this spring than years past - I'll give the shoe some credit for that.

It seems to be holding up very well, and it hasn't stretched out too much. But I will come back to this in a few weeks.

Awesome All Day Trail Runner