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Answering my own questions.

I'll respond to myself here, from questions I asked at this product's debut (see waaaay below). The rep never answered, and other answers were just speculation, which frankly, don't cut it so well in the backcountry. I bought the pad, here are my experiences after 10 months and 40 nights of use in summer, fall, and winter conditions:

- I'm as warm a sleeper as I've ever encountered in the backcountry, yet I don't recommend using the All-Season directly on the snow/frozen ground, or with just a tent floor between you and the white stuff. R values can be hooey when you easily feel the bite of the cold snow through your pad and through your 5 degree Western Mountaineering bag, which is what happened to me. As much as I hate the redundancy, I personally recommend something like a RidgeRest pad underneath your All-Season to create a true barrier/insulation from the cold. Other people may have different experiences, of course.

- Durability: definitely better than the original Neo Air, but my All Season punctured on Night 2 of an 8 day Sierra trip. Still a mystery how it got punctured within the tent. I have carried a repair kit for 20 years, first time I've had to use it.

- Definitely not as loud as the potato chips crinkle bag sound of the original Neo Air.

- The All Season is the most comfortable backpacking pad I've ever slept on. Perfect by itself for three season use.