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Another Jansport D2 fanatic

Like Joni,in the review above..I too, have been a fan of the JanSport D2..owning 2 over the last 30 years. The wrap around aluminum hip frame was a stroke of genius design that helped with hip belt adjustments, load balancing and also kept the whole pack and frame upright on the ground when in camp....Unfortunately, the pack itself delaminated 10 years ago and I ended up purchasing a very cool looking big name internal frame pack...big mistake...Hot,sweaty back zipper access to the main compartment and the loads were not nearly as balanced,needed a chiropractic adjustment after my I went back to an external frame.... since the D2 was not available anymore, I ended up with the JanSport Carson 80...Not a bad pack just not the D2..the sleeping bag compartment is not quite big enough as well as some other shortcomings...Good to see the D2 being offered again...Now, if Jansport could get away from that 70's orange color and give us some red,dark blue or dark grey..I might get one

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I chose the bright orange based on the desire of the climber for whom I made the first back. Jan sewed it, Dad made the tooling, and I designed and built it. Other colors I would choose? no one has ever asked. Murray McCory

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I like the color, nice to be able to be seen from a distance.

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Sam,why not just send your pack to Jansport to have the bag replaced? I believe it has a lifetime guarantee.