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An Incredible Boot

This will be an ongoing review which updates with my experiences in this boot:
Just received my boots yesterday and I've already fell in love with its many features/tech. First off I'd like to mention that I ordered it in my exact shoe size and it fit amazingly. You should have no issues with getting the wrong size. So far I've worn these things for about 6 hours, walking,jumping,squatting,just really flexing them about and they've been the best fit I've ever experienced. They're built really tough and sturdy: all of the lacing mechanisms are easy to operate and they've given me total freedom over how I want my boots to fit. The boot liners are very comfortable and the heel catch system wraps nicely around the achilles to keep your foot firmly in place. The liner has a durable set of laces witb an easy lock system but also combines the added security of a velco strap to keep it locked in at the tightness level you choose when you put the boot on.
the boot itself jas two separate lace systems on it. One controls the degree of tightness yiu want on your ankles and the other is for the boot portion around your shins. Both have excellent control and the metal locking system certainly keeps them in place. The laces pass through little round wheels instead of traditional eyelets whicb seem as if theh will be extending the life of the laces by far. There's a pocket on both sides of the boot to stow away the pull handles of the laces.
The boot soles have very good traction and the heel has a pliable/bouncy feel to it that will make for great shock absortion.
Two days until I hit the slopes in these beauties.

EDIT: I spent a day on the slopes with these remarkably amazing boots. It was easily my best day on the board, ever. Period. I find it hard actually to try and find a way to describe the feeling of how these Decades really stepped up my experience. I found myself looking down at my feet over and over, wondering how could they possibly be so comfortable. Guys, these boots are worth more than their price tag - you couldn't possibly regret their purchase