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An Expedition Expert Tent

This tent stood up to the test on the Baltoro Glacier in Pakistan at 16,300ft this past summer. Phenomenal tent for base camp that is easy to assemble with a group of four plus folks, and resilient to all the elements. Great windows & double door protection (with fly), along with several pockets/sleeves for storing gear. Good floor that is very strong and withstands climbers' abusive tred. Shape allows for easy snow shedding and size is perfect for hanging out. We fit eight plus folks and extra gear and communications in this tent comfortably. The tent had no issue with hot to cold, and ventilates very well with the 2 doors & 2 windows unzipped. This tent is not wanting in any way, and the designers have covered everything you need in this product.

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Great looking tent, but at 47 lbs, that's quite a load to carry on foot for a week from Askole. I assume it breaks into three parts of, what, 15 pounds? I'd also love to know what packs people chose for the trip.

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Hi Alaska Barb, sorry for a year delayed response. Just saw this comment via the new tool on this site. Yes, it splits up into 3 different loads. I don't own it so I have to double check but I think you are more or less right. We had porters carry it to our base camp so it is heavy but for a big team , it was very worth it.
We all used different packs. The TNF folks used their specific packs and I am an Osprey athlete so I use the Variant and the Ariel for trips like this now.
Hope that helps..almost a year later! :)