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These are pretty sweet! I think they sound as good as the Bose on ear headphones. Nice deep base, and pretty good with other types of music as well, classical, alt rock etc. They are relatively comfortable, but after 3 hours they start to make my ears sore. The quality on these seem to be good as well, no problem with the head band so far. Best part, awesome return policy which you cant get anywhere else... never again will I buy Bose.

Alright, so after about 2 months of mild use, the right headphone has developed an incredibly annoying rattling noise, both from walking or moving around, as well as from when there is more significant base in a song. I have taken very good care of them, always stored in the padded case, never wrapping the headphone cord around them etc. I really liked the sound quality prior to this, and I am very disappointed to have to send them back.

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I have the same problem with the right ear... What did you do and how?

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Sorry for the slow response, didn't see this post til now. I returned them, I decided I'd rather not tinker with them. I figured that backcountry maybe able to return them to the manufacturer if they weren't tampered with I ended up purchasing audio-technica ATH sound monitoring headphones, unfortunately backcountry doesn't carry them, however I spent roughly a year researching headphones after being disappointed by Bose, Beats, Skullcandy, Nixon, etc . Hope this helped! Good luck!