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Gear Review

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Amazing all around paddle - lightweight and powerful

I guide multi-week sea kayaking expeditions in the San Juan Islands and I have owned this paddle for just over a year. This was a paddle that came highly recommended to me by several of my paddling mentors and those who have held my position before me.

Having used many different types of Werner paddles, I can fully endorse the Ikelos as the cream of the crop. The top two paddles are the Cyprus and the Ikelos and the main difference is the size of the paddle blade. While I wasn't sure if I needed the large powerface of the Ikelos, I now love the powerful and graceful stroke that I have developed with the Ikelos.

The bent angle shaft is amazing and combining it with my feathered stroke, my wrists can move easily and powerfully with each stroke. The foam core of the paddle blade allows it to feel light in the water.

This is a versatile and powerful paddle for long touring days, handling rough conditions, and advanced maneuvering best suited for an intermediate or advanced sea kayaker. I've used this paddle for about 60 days on the water and covered several hundred nautical miles with it, and in my opinion, this is the best sea kayak paddle on the market.