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Gear Review

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Amazing. Needs storage

I love this boat. The season is young, so I have only been able to take it out twice so far. Once on utah's green river, 2nd time on the lower provo river. This boat is awesome. I was worried about getting soaked, as it seems your butt will be in the water, but this is not the case. You do get wet, and if its cold, I recommend using with waders, but it wasnt near as bad as I thought. Your butt stays dry, but your calfs tend to get splashed. Handled red creek rapid well and the boat is extremely manuverable. It does include one rod holder mount, but not the rod holder. The one thing this boat is lacking is storage / cupholders, both of which can be purchased from outcast. The material is very tough, like most any whitewater raft you'll see. I love the open cockpit. Stand up and fish and the boat will just float around you. Comes with cheap oars that get the job done, a stripping basket, and some other stuff.

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Thanks for this review I believe I am going to purchase one this spring