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Amazing Customer Service!

I live in Toronto Canada and after spending days and days going store to store, and calling ALL over the country, I came across backcountry through Luckily, they had one blue topaz in size small left, however I came across the problem of not being able to get it shipping to Canada. I spoke with one of their employee's who was more than helpful and followed up with me by calling me back as I did need to figure a way to get it to Canada. They were also able to put the jacket on hold for around a week while I sorted out the shipping details. Luckily, I found a UPS store that accepts packages just over the boarder from Niagara Falls, and drove to pick up the jacket.

It is very hard to find company's that will go out of their way to make a customer happy, however backcountry did just that! They have amazing customer service!

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What? There is no shipping to Canada unless you have it shipped to a broker on that side of the border. Canada Goose has this site listed as an online retailer for Canada too! This is very frustrating despite the stellar customer service of this site. Since this is the first I'm hearing of the situation and I've spent two months with this in my favorites waiting for the Kensington to come back in stock.

Canada Goose makes great, great coats but, after speaking with TWO local retailers super frustrated with them. I think despite really wanting this coat I am not going to buy it. Locally they ship out to our stores in JULY and AUGUST. Who knew? Who wants to think about paying over six hundred dollars for a coat in the summer when you can't even enjoy wearing it for another six months.By the time most people start shopping for a winter coat all of these are sold out due to supply not meeting demand and the fact that most people wouldn't know Canada Goose ships to retailers in the heat of summer.

Further, the local retailers had issues with them on other counts. One being the cost when North Face quality except for the fur ruff was equal to this. A fur ruff and can be bought for about one hundred twenty five dollars if it is the coyete Canada Goose uses.

I have no idea why this retailer is so difficult. First they run out of stock all over the place. Second, the U.S. has far more stock than Canada where they are made and then we can't order from here and their coats are double what other similar coats cost. Yes, I think they are worth the cost in general but, the other hassles they create for both retailers and customers are huge pita and I'm really sick of it.

Not buying Canada Goose for the above reasons and some local stores are tired of stocking problems with them too. Don't blame them one bit. Canada Goose, get your act together.

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FYI: if shipping is an issue, Sporting Life at Sherway Mall in Toronto has a huge selection of Canada Goose.