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Gear Review

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Amazing Boots

I upgraded from old three buckle T1s this year to these. It was a night and day difference in ability to drive wider skis. The ability to drive down the back ski and control it was much better. The bellows is also more flexible which I prefer. I like the 3 buckle design with the power of a 4 buckle (saves weight).

The foot area is wider and the toe area is not as tall as my Scarpas, which is good because the sides of my feet were killing me after a day last year. However the shorter toe area did take two baking sessions and a handful of skiing sessions to finally pack out. My large toe was being smashed and needed a little extra room. I also went down a 1/2 size. My Scarpas were 27 and Garmonts are 26.5.

The grooves that the buckles clip into have a very nice feature which holds the portion of the buckle into the buckle catch groove. So if you need to unbuckle the top two buckles for a hike, tour, or walk to the truck, it holds the buckle in the more swinging buckles. The red anodize on the buckles are starting to peel a bit but who cares.