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Alpine Suite - 2 hunters and gear

I used the Alpine suite a lot Bow hunting in the fall, and was just right for two hunters, with duffels, shoes, clothes, water, back packs, sleeping bags and pads. we camped near 10,000 feet and got a good thunderstorm with solid rain, wind, and hail, and it was so much better than camping in a small backpacking tent.

You can stand up, and get dressed. this is so nice. The walls are vertical, it feels like a great space.

Stout poles, upper sleeves and lower clips for good load transfer up high, and easy set up.

Pockets in the walls help you find the keys, and headlamp.

Some tent set up things i did to it to keep it weather tight:

set tent up with good tight pitch. get poles in first, then find someplace flat, use two people to make it easier and faster. Stake out and put moderate tension to pull the tent floor out flat. then add fly, and use web adjusters for even, and moderate tension.. make sure its tight. use side guy outs on the fly.

The fly has velcro hook and loop tabs, these attach to the poles. these are at guy out points, and the top brow pole. take the time to attach these it makes the tent stronger, and transfers loads from the guy points. it also keep water off.

Guy out the tent body with upper tie off guy points - 2 guy out points on each side really help hold it stable. more guy out points available near the door.

When coming in and out of the tent during a down pour, use the vestibule as a porch. open the fly, get in vestibule only, shut the fly zipper. then take off jacket that is soaked, and boots, then get into body of the tent, and will keep the inside mostly dry.

there are vents in the fly - use them to allow air flow, and minimize condensation.

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What vestibule did you use with this tent? Btw, thanks for the detailed review.

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The rain fly that comes with it provides the vestibule(s). One in front and one in back. Great for storage, portable potty, getting off muddy boots or wet clothes, etc.