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Alpina 1550 Backcountry Boot

The Boots are warm and have a wide toebox--something i was seeking. but, the lacing system is painful on my ankles and the overall fit of the boot is large. that said, i wear a second pair of short socks in them. i have yet to master the laces in a way that is comfortable on a long ski.

the boots appear to made of cheap material and it does not easily bend or mold.

overall, they are better than what i had but i feel like for the money i spent the boots should have some componet of leather and be easy to cinch around my foot.

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I'm having the same problem with lacing. After 5-7 miles, my ankles feel like they are being cut into, making it incredibly painful to finish the skiing, and the pain continues for days. I haven't come up with a solution yet, and am almost ready to abandon these boots. Same thing happened to another friend last week.