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Almost there

No one will ever complain about a lack of space in this tent. After years of cramming myself into my REI Quarterdome, I went with this tent for kayaking trips where weight or bulk was not so much of a concern.

At just over 5 lbs, the tent is still within backpacking range, though there are better comparable tents on the market for solely this purpose.

My big complaint is the rain fly. It is stubborn to get on. Once on, it takes a lot of work to properly align it. Little velcro tabs are available to help you with this, but I think the designers could have done a better job of it. (i.e., like providing tabs for the poles that are located over the entryways.) In addition to this, the vestibules are sparse for space. If BD were to address these two issues, I would ask that they also consider looking at the ventilation again. There is room to improve. REI's quarterdome has a top vent that is really handy.

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Perter B - You mention there are better comparable tents for backpacking... could list a few for me to check out?

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If you are looking for a light 3 season tent for backpacking then i would check out the Big Agnes tents they are light but not as sturdy and spacious as this tent. if you prefer your tent to be more sturdy i would sugjest going with the Black Diamond tents. They have 3 season tents and 4 season tents for bigger, more serious, mountaineering trips.