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Almost as old as me

I just happened across this info (that sells the Svea 123R) while searching for a replacement gasket for my Svea 123. I had to respond. I purchased my Svea 123 new in 1972. I still use it today. While I do own an MSR Dragonfly, the Svea is, from my experience, far more reliable. I have never had an issue with it (other than to replace the Viton gasket in the fuel cap). I have used my stove in the High Sierras, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Arizona desert, all over Alaska (used it many times to cook freshly caught salmon and halibut), and Utah's desert and high country. The stove has NEVER failed to operate as designed. To be sure, there are lighter and more appealing stoves, but the Svea 123 has to be the most dependable backpacking stove ever made. I continue to use the stove partly because of all the good memories, but it's more than that--I never worry about the stove failing when there is no room for failure. It's that dependable. As far as priming goes, I learned early on that the best way to prime it is to pour some fuel on the tank and then light it. Sometimes in very cold weather I have to do this twice. I purchased the Optimus Mini Pump with this stove but have never used it, preferring to prime it as described. I paid $25 (if my memory serves me well) for this stove 40 years ago. There are few pieces of gear that function so well for that many years. Every decade or so I polish the stove with brass polish. I just bought a new one (just for the halibut) from for my 72-hour kit.

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Agreed on all counts! Mine is 45 years old and as good as new. To start it, I put a little gas into the cup around the stem, let that burn nearly off, then turn 'er on. Fits right into my cookset. No weird projections, and you can turn her down to a very low simmer. Best stove going.