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Almost "Perfect"

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I finally settled with these boots after trying over a dozen different pairs. I'm almost in love with these boots! These boots have exceptional ankle support and the lacing system is the best I've ever seen. These boots can be laced and adjusted for any situation. I took them on a grueling 10 mile, 3,500 ft elevation ascent in the first 1.5 miles, elk hunt/hike, the first trip. I was able to really synch up the ankle for the support I needed and also to keep my heels from slipping. The boots performed flawlessly. I would rate at 5 stars however, my feet were hamburger when I finally made it back to the truck. I've never had a boot that didn't hurt my feet after this hike. (Lots of side hilling, climbing over down timber, rock scaling and 7,000 feet of elevation change in just 8hrs of hiking) So, when I find that boot; it will get 5 stars!
The following day I subjected the boots to freezing rain and snow conditions on a mountain front antelope hunt. The boots persevered knee high, wet, frozen grass/sage brush and two creek crossings. They were completely frozen solid and covered in mud. Not once did my feet get cold or wet!!! They even got covered in blood after two successful harvests. A quick wash in the last creek crossing on the way out cleaned them up nicely even though they re-froze!
Boots fit true to size for me. I have average-to-narrow toes with narrow heels that are prone to blistering. No blisters for me! My only complaint is that the arches are a little higher than most boots but not abnormally high. It took a good day of wearing around town for my feet to adjust.
Highly recommended boot!!!

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Would also like to add that they are "perfectly" stiff for the avid hunter. They offer ample support and stiffness in sole without sacrificing and being overly stiff and noisy. These boots allow you to still "feel" the ground and control the level of noise you make while hunting unlike other top-of-the-line boots. These are by far the most durable, supportive, and comfortable boots that I've found that work well for still hunting/hiking. I'm an avid backpacker who bivy hunts all season long and I rely on tough, durable, supportive boots. These have been a dream come far!!! Hopefully they will last me a few seasons. Most boots only last one with as much abuse as I throw at them. I logged over 150 miles last month alone!

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Lastly, on a side note; the rear sole of these boots were 1/8" wider than three of the more expensive competitions model boots that I tried. Although they don't look like it; they also offer a lower profile sole which is closer to the ground for better stability. This made a big difference in the stability of the shoe for me and makes it less prone to rolling an ankle.

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You live a good life by the sound of it bro - well done!