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Gear Review

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Almost Perfect...

For me, the original NeoAir was the perfect pad, however, for some reason, TAR thought it was time to move on... once my original NeoAir gave up the ghost, I had to move on to the XLite.

The XLite is a great pad, it is lighter than most other (if not all) commercial pads out there with the same dimensions, it packs up tiny, it is actually warmer than the original (slightly higher R-Value) and it is very comfortable. (I have Expeds pads, and tried BA pads, but for me, the vertical baffles just felt like a glorified pool toy.) However, what irks me about the XLite is that it is tapered, and this is why I give this product 4 stars instead of 5. Although, I understand that just as I prefer the horizontal baffles over the vertical ones, there are likely those out there that would prefer a tapered pad over a rectangular pad.

I will also admit that the XLite is much more crinkly sounding than my Original NeoAir ever was, and I can see how this would bother some. However, for me, the pad is comfortable enough for me to quickly fall asleep, at which point, I never hear the crinkles again, so I personally do not deduct another star for this...

As far as durability, it is an air pad and IMO, it is just as liable to become punctured as any other air pad. Saying this, a repair kit is mandatory for any air pad in the field.

All-in-all, a great product.