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Gear Review

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Almost Perfect

These bindings are the real deal. Super comfortable and stellar performance make for a hella day on the mountain. I have size 14 clown feet so the adjustable edges make for that much needed extra space to eliminate toe/heel drag when you cut hard into a deep carve. I seriously get compliments on them every time I ride. Only one probelm...I gave them a rating of 4 because on the second day out one of the screws came loose and fell out on my back foot heel where the highbacks pivot so I had to heel side it down on my stomp pad. Nothing a little Loctite can't fix, but still irritating.
Also, I bought the purple color because they look more like a dark blue on the back in the pics but I assure you they are as purple as your nurple. Still a sick ass ride though. There's no going back once you rock a step in.