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Gear Review

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All-season staple

Can't beat this hat for mild-to-cold all year weather. This beanie lives in my commuting pack for wear under a bike helmet and fits nicely into the little pouch in my sleeping bag for a little extra warmth at night. Not necessarily the most stylish - unless wearing a dead bird logo can be considered trendy - but warm and amazingly impervious to on-the-trail stink.
Not the hat I use when on the side of a mountain in sub 20F weather (that one's thicker) but it has its uses - I probably used it every other day from late October to March.

Covers the ears well and doesn't itch at all. The seam around the forehead is small and not noticeable at all (and doesn't leave a dorky seam imprint when I've been wearing it for a while).

All-season staple