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Gear Review

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All season hiking boot

I bought these boots for day hikes as well as the Kilimanjaro summit. These boots are great. Waterproof tested - I?ve walked through small streams, hiked in downpouring rain, and my feet always stay dry. They took me 2-3 hikes (or about 10-20 miles to break-in). At first the ankle area was a little stiff, but broke in nicely. Also, the shoe allows flexibility while still remaining very hard (I can kick rocks and not feel like I?m stubbing my toes ? and I don?t feel jagged rocks or stones through the shoe). I would suggest wearing tall socks with these boots, since if you wear ankle socks, the upper part of the boot might chafe your leg if it is against bare skin (I made this mistake once, and learned to just wear longer socks). The boots along with a pair of heavy socks kept my foot warm on the summit of Kilimanjaro (with temperatures around 0 degrees). And I?ve also worn these boots in the humidity of the Northeast summer with light socks (you get pretty sweaty feet, but it?s not uncomfortable). Overall a great, versatile boot once you break it in.