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All around good backpack

First off this backpack is very solid and well constructed. It's a little heavier than some backpacks of similar size, but with the weight you get more durability. I definitely don't have to baby this pack. The size is pretty nice for overnights or weekend trips and if you pack on the lighter side you can put a few days worth of gear inside it. It compresses down very well for smaller loads and the lid is removable if you want to drop a little more weight. The padding is also very nice and comfortable for wearing on long hikes. There are only a few things I don't like about this pack:

1) Unable to reach water in side pockets with pack on. You either have to stop and remove the pack or just use a camelbak.
2) Few pockets. There are only 3 main pockets in this bag, which doesn't leave much room for organization. There is the main, lid pocket (fairly large, can put a rain jacket inside), and front pocket (also fairly large).
3) Hip pockets would have been nice.

All around good backpack
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I'd like some clarification on the lid part. Your review said you could remove it, but the product description says you can't. If you remove it will you have to cut some straps? Or is it clipped on? Thanks!!

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Nope. You can just take it right off. All you have to do is undo the straps no cutting or anything required. You can also remove the plastic frame sheet and the aluminum support rod if you want to drop the weight even lower for a frameless style backpack.

Sorry for the delay, I haven't been on here in a while.