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Ak at its best !

With the new pittards oiltac leather with microvent maintains a reservoir within the leather that continuously replenishes grip. Pistol pre curved fit for comfort. Unisex sizing . Add the Gore-Tex membrane and you have a winner!

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A good glove but not suitable for low temp
Was out today in -10 centigrade and my fingers were freezing

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I can always tell this dude's reviews because he always sounds like a enthusiastic sales rep with no originality, and always gives five stars. find a new hobby, dude.

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Four Horsemen is DEFINATELY a Burton Rep; it is interesting that ha has nothing to say but "tech" boasting generic review slang. He never references acctually using any of the gear he reviews, and even posts reviews for womens Burton stuff too. How sleazy. If it is good gear it will sell its self.