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Ahwahnee good, Black Diamond bad.

This tent is a piece of cake to set up. Takes less than 2 minutes. If you can't figure it out you probably shouldn't be camping... at least unsupervised. Best tent ever, but pray you don't have to deal with Black Diamonds customer service. I bought my Ahwahnee before BD acquired Bibler. After 10 years of regular use, I had some problems with the tent. I've sent it back to BD 3 times now and they have done nothing. The last "rejection" note I got from them was actually insulting. I loved this tent, but I won't buy another one because I hate Black Diamond.

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Snort. I've had the same problems w/BD and their non-service. We have a Bibler Eldorado, purchased before BD bought Bibler. I had problems w/zipper failures and the mesh falling apart. I sent the tent back to BD and they told me my problems were due to dog hair. Really? The dogs don't sleep in the tent and there weren't more than a couple of stray hairs in the tent when we returned it. They gave me contact info for a place in Seattle that would fix my zippers (for a price.) I pointed out that my tent had a "lifetime" warranty and BD basically laughed at me. Bah humbug.