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Gear Review

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Additional Quality control issues

07/24/2012 Update to my initial review: Its been approximately three weeks since I replaced the seat back with the recommended backband. Magically, I can get in and out of the boat with zero difficulty. Additionally, no problems rolling it as well. However two new problems have emerged. When I went to replace the seat back I took out the entire seat. On the seat bottom I found that the left seat foam support was perpendicular to the right support, their supposed to be parallel. Who ever installed the seat initially did not wait for the glue to dry and it slid completely out of place. This would explain why I felt like my Left glute cheek was lower than my right. So I fixed that. Now for the next problem, both the stern and bow bulkhead walls are leaking like crazy. Perception used some kind of tape, and it's pulling up on both sides of each wall. I contacted Perception and they said I needed to address it with the retailer (Mountain Man Outdoor Sports, in Old Forge, New York) I bought it from. I contacted them and they stated I needed to send pictures, etc..., which I did. The person I contacted at Mountain Man (Clark), checked on another Expression they had in stock, and he indicated the taping was peeling off their boat walls as well. It's been over a week since I e-mailed them and no reply. I will be buying three more kayaks for my family members over the next couple of years, I can assure Perception, they won't be in the running for my next yaks or recommendation to my friends. As for Gromulus's comment about "my bad" on the seat back. The seat back is advertised as "Adjustable", which it is, it just doesn't lower.