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Above and Beyond

Got this pack for a trip across the US on my motorcycle which started April 1, 09.
I needed something waterproof to weather and larger than the standard motorcycle top cases that are really small. So I got this pack and just strapped it on top of my passenger seat and away I went...after 29 days on the road of which I backpacked 8 days-everthing inside the pack was always bone dry, thats riding and packing through snow, sleet, rain, 130mph winds on my bike with headwinds and 100mph wind with hvy rain. I actually used it to forde..more like swam across a swollen stream 3 times in Utah with the pack as my flotation device, I did use two tiny patches of duct tape at the zipper ends to ensure no water penetration to my map and trail book, not sure if that was necessary but better to be safe than sorry. When I travel motorcycle style I only take a bivy sack which means this pack was always outside in the rain, snow, sleet and sun for 25 of the 29 days and always dry. Only odd problem I had was 50mph wind knocked it over once during a stormy night onto its front and the pack just slide away like a tobaggon pushed by the wind, lol, started tying it down with paracord after that adventure. It was also great when staying at a hotel some nights as you can just throw the pack on and grab the bags out of my aluminum motorcycle side luggage all in one trip. The padding dries really fast and didn't get punky the entire trip. As far as harness fit, the shoulder straps lock onto a retagular patch of ? PTFE? or some kinda hard plastic located about between your shoulders and can be adjusted up and down and sideways which is great for narrow or people like me with wide shoulders. I'm not a professional backpacker but but after several thousand miles of hauling a rucksack around which I hated dearly, this packs really got me gassed up to do some serious backpacking, but, this time in comfort instead of using a pack from the lowest bidding Mil Spec contractor !