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Gear Review

4 5

Aaron Willhoite

A nice but a bit pricey, single walled no nonsense cup from MSR. After several uses the pros and cons become pretty evident. The handles could stand to be a bit larger and have some plastic coating to avoid singeing fingertips. The size is good and bad. It's small and light enough to stow away about anywhere but doesn't allow it to slip over a standard 32 oz. water bottle. Heat dispersion is normal for a Titanium single wall cup. All around good cup for summer but for the price a Snow Peak 450 double wall is not much more price wise, insulates much better and the capacity is larger. Of course everything has its uses. I have a bit of a leaning toward MSR because I've had such good luck with them so I purchased this cup with the notion from previous products that MSR equals quality. Keep all the above in mind when looking for a cup.