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This was to replace my Primus omnilite ti, which did not work. This stove, unlike my old stove, lit up on the first try, was really quiet, nice blue flame, and is bomber. I love the fact that I can use canister and liquid fuel just by changing the jet and connector. MSR knows what they are doing. The only gripes i have are the plastic fuel pump and the fact that fuel leaks when you disconnect the fuel line from the pump, and when you depressurize the bottle. I have heard that the pump is super durable despite its construction so that helped me get over that a little bit. Great stove! This stove will last you forever. I know it, Backpacker magazine knows it, so just get it and find out for yourself.

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Just curious what you mean that the omnilite ti 'didn't work?' I was thinking about getting one of those...

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I got the omnilite first, and it never worked right. The stove wouldn't prime correctly, even when following the specific instructions by Primus. The few times it did prime correctly, it burned loud and pretty sooty. Just not for me. I prefer the msr far over the omnilite