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AWESOME FACE!....the band however...

k so i ditto jason's comment already posted. looks GREAT! so much better than what i expected to get in the mail.
-i've taken it into water several times and i've only had it for approximately 8 months and...well...the band is cracking everywhere. it has some type of leather on the inside of the watchband and there are several cracks on mine...probably been in the water with it for about 10 times or so...and also the canvas is fraying...i'd say get it cus it's a cheaper nixon watch and it's great..but just be aware that the leather and canvas on the band aren't gonna hold up great under water. they'll just end up cracking. such a bummer...but i love it sooooo much i still give it a 4.

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well...1 and a half later....i've had to completely get rid of the looked fugly. and it was so cracked and frayed i couldn't even wear it. i replaced it with some old climbing rope i took the core out of, i'll add a pic.