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Less than 72 hours after these arrived we were slammed with 3 feet of the heaviest, wettest snow I have ever seen. We lost power with only 6 inches of this stuff on the ground.. trees coming down everywhere. In just a few hours we had lost phones, power and were cut off as we had trees down on our property and out on the road. We have older neighbours around 1/4 mile away and, as the cellphone service was out too, we took a hike over the fields next day to make sure they were OK.

So.. how did these snowshoes do? Well, there is NOTHING that I can fault about these American-made snowshoes.. they are easy to get on, even with my heavily-gloved hands and dicky back. They handled the ups and downs manfully, and are unbelievably light! We bought the flotation tails.. I am 180 lbs and hubby is 200 lbs and you definitely benefit. We used our X-Country ski poles and they were quite adequate for the job. These were pretty dreadful snow conditions.. heavy, deep wet stuff but the snowshoes sunk only maybe 3 to 4" The traction is phenomenal due to the steel gripper bars, and, given I have weak ankles and crappy knees, I was amazed at the sense of security you get from the excellent grip of the Evo's. We used them through the next 6 days.. every day! These were handy to walk easily and safely across 3 feet of snow to clear the snow off the ground-mounted solar panels that charge the battery back-up system and also to tow a plastic sled around between the bird-feeders to keep them topped up (We have 50lb capacity bins for sunflower seed etc that we normally load on to the Gator 6 x 6). Anyways, I expect that some of my friends have been persuaded to get some too after our first-rate experience!