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ACR SARLink Personal Locator Beacon

Something I now always carry into the wilderness, doesn't take up much space or weight. I have never used it and hope to never have to. It also provides those at home relief, especially if hiking solo.

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Because this is the tried and true method. SPOT tech is pretty buggy and reasonably unreliable. It has worked, but sometimes it does not work as well as it purports to.

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the spot has HORRIBLE REVIEWS from tried & tested people who did not get the service they thought they were buying. my favorite quote on the spot went something like this: "the spot is spotty at best, works off & on & more off than on"this is one item, if I needed it, I would want it to work!

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in two years of service that $150 SPOT will have cost you at least $350 meanwhile after two years this unit has still only cost you $390. And SPOTs customer service is possibly the worst customer service out there. ACR will give you a new device free of charge if you need to use it in an emergency.