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A redesign that should not have happened!

This was my third pair of Hedgehogs over several years, used mainly for trail hiking in the woods. I have been in love with them for their lightweight performance, awesome "sticky" tread on loose terrain, and all around comfort. Since my last pair North Face seems to have done a complete redesign, and I was completely disappointed. To start with, they are heavier and made of a stiffer material. Your heel slips out as you walk unless you use the higher eyelet and lace up tight. They also are true to length in size but feel much narrower than my other two pairs. I tried them out on a five mile hike and by the time I was done I had blisters along the top knuckles of both big toes. You know how when you walk and lift your heel a shoe creases across the toe portion? Well the material used in the shoe is so stiff that it creased right into my toes, leaving the aforementioned blisters before my hike was complete. Additionally me feet were HOT, something that only happens to me when I am wearing insulated hunting boots. Needless to say the shoes are going back and I'll be looking on ebay for the older model. Backcountry was awesome with a no-hassle return, something that is wonderful especially since I already wore them once.