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A real helmet at an unreal weight

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

The 150/165g spec weights for sz1/2 (respectively) are spot-on (though the listing here is slightly off for sz1), making even my CAMP Speed helmet seem . . . heavy?
First, the not-so-good:
1. Sizing is too big. My head circumference =57.2cm, which matches up well with specs for my various ski/bike/climb helmets, but the 53-61 sz2 sides stick out too much. The sz1 48-56cm just barely fits.
2. Appearance is so bad that it's almost comically good.
3. The straps are so narrow that they can twist when putting on the helmet, but they're so thin that still super comfy.
4. Magnet to enhance one-handed connection of the chin strap is clever, but can allow the strap to be closed insecurely with only one of the two side clips engaged. So just need to remember to check that both sides of the clips are engaged.
5. CAMP Speed comes down a little bit more around the sides for more side impact protection.
6. Vents are ample on the sides, but realistically no climbing helmet will ever vent well at ascent speeds, since it has to be solid up on top to be certified.
Now the (very very) good:
1. Weight. Yes, already mentioned, but so amazing it merits another mention.
2. Durability. As demonstrated by a Petzl rep, you can step on this helmet, smush it, etc., w/o worrying about damage to the thin plastic exterior ... because there is no thin plastic exterior, just a single piece of foam.
3. Can also attach a Petzl Vizion visor.
4. Strap system is brilliant, achieving the same adjustable and snug front<>back fit that is usually achieved by much more bulky adjustment systems/knobs/etc. at the back of the head. In addition to weight savings, less interference with wearing a sun cap underneath or sunglasses retainer.
5. Headlamp clip in back is minimalistic (of course) yet effective, and even securely holds a wide ski goggle strap.

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A follow-up on my own review, specifically point 6, on venting: I'm still not sure how much difference the vents will make at ascent speeds, but for skiing descents, wow, this helmet sure cools off quickly! Too quickly actually on really cold days, with only a headband underneath, as I discovered during a rando race. For a post-race relay, I covered up the front/forehead vents w/ tape, and the side vents still let in lots of air on a (very fast) descent. So, definitely both a plus & minus there.

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Hi Jonathan, very helpful review! I'm about to order this and I was wondering whether I would fit size1. What do you mean by "barely fits", do you use size one? (can you put something else beneath it like a buff or thin hat maybe?) I'm a bit smaller than you at 56.5. Thanks!