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Gear Review

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A pleasant surprise

I picked this up on a whim for a two week driving trip through the Arctic/Alaska. I wasn't worried about comfort so much as not wanting to put my face on the sketchy pillows I would encounter on the trip. As someone who frequently suffers from neck aches/headaches, I figured something like this might provide a bit more support than the typical motel's beat-up pillows. It was a great surprise when I not only didn't get any neck aches, but actually was extremely comfortable the whole trip. I bought the medium and still had room to roll over and remain on the pillow. As stated by others, it took a few minutes for the fluffiness to return after unrolling, but after many 700+ mile days and a few 900+, that comfort was much-appreciated. And I was supremely thankful I had it at several of the grungier hotels.