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A lot of good features that didn't work for me

Now Osprey is a tried and true, trusted brand and I got a lot of respect for their products. I truly admire how they were able to jam in so many convenience features while keeping the weight at a minimum. One feature I'm quite enamored with is stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment that works quite well. Its lid and small compartments in addition to its main packbag are all great conveniences that I appreciate. The issue for me ended up being its suspension, which to me is the most important factor in procuring a backpack. The mesh back panel of its modified airspeed suspension is very comfortable and it should conform to all types of body types; however, in an effort to facilitate ventilation, the main body is separated a bit from that same back panel, pulling the bulk of the weight away from your back. I felt a quite a bit of weight swing as I rotated about my hips. I like the weight to stay as close to my body as possible, and the bag was not doing it for me. For reference, I'm 5'11" (21.5" torso, a bit long for my overall height), 170 to 175 lbs, and 31" waist. However, it doesn't mean this bag won't be a gem for you.

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Sounds like it wasn't properly fitted .. I've had no such issues with bearing weight or pull, owned for 4 years ... and will be using it on a thru hike after 500 miles in sections .. packing correctly would help that issue too "not saying you didn't" ... all compression straps tightened, and shoulder straps and hip belt secured ... wrong size pack? All i'm saying is the ventilation system is not reason for the pack feeling insecure.

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Thanks for your opinion! As I'd said, just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't be a gem for you. As for the fitting, I can assure you it was done to the best of my abilities, and most importantly, consistently as when I tested a handful of other ultralight packs when I was in the market for a new pack this past spring. Every one's has his/her unique body type and sensitivity on how things feel to such unique bodies. As I tell everyone who come on advise for various equipment, the best advice is to always try it out.