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Gear Review

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A Tent Fit For The Gods

Thor is a completely appropriate name for this tent. Not only is it fun to say to your friends and makes you feel more manly "I'm bustin out the THOR" but the tent truly is a beast. Admittedly I have not put this tent through Denali summit-like weather yet like its meant to take, but have never had a problem with it ever. Once this thing is staked down (at the like 10 main stake points) a nuke would bounce right off of it. Also, there are so many fly adjustments and guy wires you can set this thing up quick and just prepare for rain, or you can take time and tweak every part of the fly to account for uneven terrain and/or snow drifts. The poles also attach with a clip to the staking tabs so a severe wind removing the poles from their eyelits will not compromise the structural integrity of the tent.Initial setup is a tad confusing although I successfully did it without looking at the directions, but once you get the first time figured out its a breeze in the future.

The interior is very roomy both floor and ceiling wise. I didnt feel at all cramped in there or claustrophobic which can happen with my backpacking tent. It has two super nice vents to avoid clamyness as well. The vents have multiple layers, so you can just open the interior exposing the bug net or you can then open the bug net and pop out the little chimney shoots in the fly for a vent directly outside. There are also pockets built into the tent walls down each side of the tent wall and many loops and gromits to add more gear lofts, etc to the top. Vestibule is also substancial for just about anything you would need to do in there in bad weather.

Overall this is my favorite tent I have ever used without taking weight into account. I would use this thing every time I camped if it was just a little lighter to take on my pack everywhere. Truly an amazing 4 season tent.