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Gear Review

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A New Set of Eyes

I've owned Polarized Sunglasses before, but never this nice. It was Windexing my eyes. I was able to see colors better and my vision actually improved. I live in Las Vegas where it's sunny 370 days a year (yes, I know how many days are in a year), and for the first time, I didn't mind dealing with the bright light....too bad these didn't have a built in A/C unit. I've also been very impressed with the frames. They sit farther back on your head (farther behind the ears) which reduces any headaches induced by many sunglasses. Actually, I wouldn't say reduces, but eliminates. Comfort is a plus with these. Lastly, the reason I chose them was the manipulative nose piece. My nose is all kinds of beat up and these adapted. I went through many different types of sunglasses before deciding on these and was surprised that I actually liked them as much as I did. Another plus was every feature they identified was legit!