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A Broken Wrist Sucks!

From what I've read, broken wrists are the most common injury in snowboarding since most people tend to put their arms out to brace themselves when the catch an edge and fall. While they can be uncomfortable and a little bulky under your gloves, they aren't as uncomfortable as a cast for 6-8 weeks and no riding while the snow is falling.

My Father-in-law is an Orthopedic surgeon and suggest these to anyone that is looking for wrist guards. The design is minimal, but still provides the support you need and doesn't just redirect the energy up your arm and break that instead like some other designs out there.

These did save me from a broken wrist a few seasons ago. I was going through a tree run at Brighton that I wasn't familiar with and all of a sudden the trees got really tight and I had no wear to go. I turned heelside as hard as I could, put my arms out to try to break the force of hitting a tree. While the crash was pretty gnarly, I rode away with only a sprained wrist. The Wrist Guard completely shattered, but it did it's job. It redirected the energy away from my wrist and after a week or so I was fine and didn't end up in a cast.

Like I said, they are a little bulky, a bit uncomfortable but after several days of rocking them you get used to it and you don't even think about them. Plus, if you're like my wife and your hands are always cold they add some insulation as well and keep your hands that much warmer.

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I know these are supposed to be for beginners but pro riders break their wrists all the time. It is a very common injury at any level of riding.